Monday, January 9, 2017

Perceived Value

  1. Frederick the Great wanted people to eat potatoes, but they didn’t eat many vegetables at that time. Frederick made them seem like food for the royal family, planting them and appointing guards to them day and night. People then tried stealing them, because if they’re worth protecting they must be good. Frederick told the guards not to guard them well so they could “steal” them. Ataturk wanted to discourage women from wearing a veil, so instead of making it illegal to wear them, he made it the law for prostitutes to wear the veil.
  2. Rory is saying that it was useless to spend so much money just to knock 40 minutes off a 3 ½ hour ride. This falls under perceived change because this change is useless, even though people may believe it is a significant change.
  3. Perceived value is a technique in advertising that persuades people that the value of something is higher than real value portrays it to be. If something in reality is changed, some people won’t accept it, and nothing will really change. But if people feel a certain way about something, they will believe what they think is right. Perceived value is the best way to persuade people to think a different way or to buy something because people will do whatever they think will benefit them the most. Here is a link expanding on perceived value and it’s effectiveness.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


  1. I believe surveys are useful in argumentative papers because they are a good way to collect the data you need for your paper. In surveys, you can word questions and answers to get what you need to prove your point in the argument. Though they’re not always completely reliable, you can word it in your essays to make it seem like the data supports your claim.
  2. The biggest struggle for me so far has been research. I’ve had a hard time finding ads with certain hooks or coming up with questions for my survey. It’s hard to find specific advertisements on the internet because there are so many.
  3. This advertisement uses Inclusive Language and a Hyperbole. A hyperbole is used because it exaggerates how you can express your musical side with a Samsung phone. The advertisement has Inclusive Language because it’s telling you specifically to express your musical side. You can tell this advertisement uses Badge Value because it makes you feel special to have a Samsung phone because it’ll bring out your musical side.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Argument Claims

  1. It is always important to support your argument with data for proof to get your point across. If your argument has no evidence, it is not a strong argument and you will not convince many people that your claim is right. This link expands on why you need to use proof in argument papers.
  2. If you are arguing your point, you must know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies and tell why your claim is right and why theirs is wrong. For example, if I am trying to sell a product, I have to know what the company opposing me has said about theirs. Then I will compare mine to theirs and state why my product is better and why you should buy mine.
  3. My peers are my audience for my argumentative paper. In my argument paper, I am trying to prove to my peers why my two advertising hooks are the best. Celebrity appeal works well in ads for teens because teens often look up to celebrities. Non-print ads need to use tone of voice to emphasize their point.

Monday, November 28, 2016


A.) This ad is using Badge Value. When the product is advertised as though no consumer can live without it, then it is perceived as badge value. This ad states that yachts are now a necessity. Here is an example of an ad using badge value.

B.) The Unique Claims in ads have the most impact on me. Though most of the time they’re lying about it, I like to know if this specific type has something different in it than the usual product. If it has something that looks more appealing then I may look into buying it.

C.) It is more likely that a person will buy a product if it makes them look more fashionable to people around them. This is Messaging Value. Branding Value is how people show their loyalty to a company by wearing or using their products. Companies will have a harder time getting consumers to buy that product if the product only has their logo or brand name on it. This is why more advertisements use Messaging Value to try and get people to buy their products.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet is a romantic love story. In my opinion, there are two types of “love”. True love and romantic love. In the article, Margaret Anderson states, “in real love you want the other person’s good. In romantic love, you want the other person.” Romeo and Juliet is a romantic story because Juliet is too young to have truly established her feelings towards Romeo. She is easily flattered by him as she has no romantic experience. They also have not known each other long enough to truly love each other.

In my opinion, true love is the best version of love. It is the most sincere and does not only include looks. The other person is more attracted to your personality than you physically, and is concerned for your welfare. It can be fast paced or slow paced, however you prefer.

Though both are a mess, Juliet is a bit more responsible with her emotions. She is young and sees him as her true love. As the article states, “Juliet also demonstrates the practical concern for his safety”. She shows that she is upset after Romeo’s duel with Tybalt, but still tells him to leave for his own safety. Here is another website expanding on Juliet’s love for Romeo.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Romeo and Juliet

The famous story Romeo and Juliet is not only a love story. Throughout the story Romeo has conflicts with himself. He is exiled from the kingdom and would be executed if he returned. He must choose where his loyalties lie; with Juliet or the prince who exiled him? He must also think about family and religion. Romeo and Juliet is also a political story as Romeo handles all of these conflicts throughout his life.

A tragedy is an event that causes great suffering, distress, or destruction. The story Romeo and Juliet fits this definition almost perfectly. First, Romeo and Juliet get married at a very young age. They also ignore the family feud that occurs because of this, which ends with both of them committing suicide because of all of the problems they created. The story Romeo and Juliet is one large tragedy because of their poor choices.

Going to the theatre in Shakespeare’s time was very different than going to the theatre today. They were unsanitary and loud, as stated in the video. People talked throughout the shows, and there was nothing to help focus their attention on the stage. Today we have microphones and lights that dim when a show starts. People also threw things and shouted at the actors if they were unsatisfied, where today there are rules against that. Here is an article that expands more on theatres during Shakespeare’s time.

Monday, October 10, 2016


The time I go to bed varies every day. It mostly depends on my homework and how quick I can get it done. Sometimes it depends on if I have practice that night, which causes me to go to bed later because I have more homework to do afterward. If I finish my homework early then I try to go to bed at least around 10.

One reason said in the article why students need school to start later is because they can only maintain full alertness during the day if they have about nine hours of sleep a night. Another reason is that lack of sleep leads to more stress and moodiness. Students who are tired are also more likely to use stimulants to keep them alert, delaying sleep at night because of caffeine. Here are some more reasons why schools should start later.

Sleep is an important factor in a teenager’s ability to do good in school. As stated in the article, sleep is a biological need, not a luxury. It affects a student’s alertness at school, mood, and interactions with others. Without a full night’s sleep a student’s grades will drop quicker than if they slept nine hours or more. Recalling information you might need on a test is also harder without the optimal amount of sleep.